Of Mice and Men

Well, call me crazy!  Sunday I went out and got two albino mice for the twins — a male and a female!!!!! But I also got two cages so after the female has her pups I can separate them so there won’t be more unless we want them.  The kids are enthralled with the little guys. My son named his Nibbles—cute, huh?

Unfortunately my daughter made the tragic mistake of leaving SPAZ (Snow Princess Angel Zoe) in her exer-ball on her desk which proceeded to fall off onto the floor cracking the ball and severely traumatizing poor SPAZ. The poor thing was feet up on her back in the ball when my daughter brought her into the living room. I was sure she wouldn’t last the night even after she got up and started moving around. She was still breathing funny.

Last night we exchanged SPAZ at Petco.  I didn’t tell them about the exer-ball incident.  But I did tell Petco how she had chewed her way through the carrier on the way home (about a mile) and dropped out of the box as I was getting out of the car. I was also trying to juggle a bag of groceries with the cardboard carrier. The groceries dropped to the ground as I chased SPAZ around the parking lot! I was trying to hold my hand over the hole SPAZ had chewed into the box so Nibbles wouldn’t escape. Much to my disbelief, I did finally catch SPAZ and scooped her into the cardboard box. I had the twins pick up the groceries scattered around the parking lot while I rushed inside with the mice. 

It wouldn’t have been a big deal if we had to buy a new one – they’re only $1.99 (the cheapest part of the deal) but my daughter was traumatized thinking she might have killed her pet, so I told her we were bringing SPAZ back to Petco so they could fix her and we’d get her back after she was better (sure!!!!!).  Heck - one female albino mouse looks the same as any other one.


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