New Life, New Site, New Blog!

Well, I decided to give up my old domain.  It kept me tied to my ex-husband and I couldn’t continue watching his downhill slide into what I deem financial ruin again.  I get stressed out enough when his mom dumps her rants about him on me, I don’t need to add my own by seeing the garbage in his e-mail.  So at the suggestion of my therapist (well, actually she said to get rid of his e-mail account) I signed up for some new domains. 

I transferred ownership of the old domain to my ex and he has to now learn how to deal with it!  Such is life.  I hate teaching people computer stuff (ironic, isn’t it?) so he’ll have to learn on his own.  Maybe the reason I’m such a jerk about training others is that I was self-taught so I figure why should others get the benefit of all the hard work I put into it.  Hmmmm, pretty nasty.  And here I thought I was a good girl.

I’ve transferred the content from my old domain to this one and I’ll try to clean it up someday.

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